I support my friends and familyBuilding strong character means listening to the constructive cues from people around me. Their feedback is coming from a good place. I appreciate the support that I get from others. I return the love with unwavering support for all of their ventures.

When my brother embarks upon a new entrepreneurial exploit, I listen to the ideas intently. I am careful to paint a realistic picture so he avoids making mistakes. Taking the time to discuss various scenarios assists him to arrive at the most suitable business proposition.

My friends who choose to move to other countries are brave. Although their absence is felt strongly, I support their search for a higher quality of life.

Doing research for my closest friends helps with planning their migration. It is important to me that they understand as much as possible about their new home. My happiness lies in being able to help them to be prepared for anything.

New relationships are sometimes nerve-racking for my friends, so I encourage them to stay calm. Being that voice of calm is a role that I fully embrace.

Today, my role in this life involves lending a helping hand to those in my life who ask for it. I am committed to making myself available whenever my friends and family come calling. It gives me immense joy to hold them up at pivotal times in their lives.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways am I able to offer support to my loved ones?
  2. How do I balance being supportive of someone with giving them space?
  3. How do I approach a loved one with an unfavorable idea or opinion?

Dr. Tracey Marks
Dr. Tracey Marks

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