Ramp up the romanceHas the daily grind of work and responsibilities killed the passion in your relationship? It doesn’t have to mean you’ve fallen out of love, but simply that you’ve fallen into comfortable lack luster routine.

Why should that matter? Well think about how much it mattered when you were courting. Now that you tied to one another why should it no longer matter?

I can hear it now “because I’ve more important things to do and that stuff shouldn’t matter.”

Well lack of passion shouldn’t be a deal breaker, but the presence of passion surely can be the icing on the cake that enhances the quality of your life and makes all other hard work worth it.

Here are some tips to rev up the romance in your relationship.

1. Continue “courting.” Know how to play, flirt, use charm, and carve out time to do those things. Commit to consistently spend time together as a couple.

Here are some ideas for “us” time.

[box]Dinner and a movie

Lunch and mall shopping

Breakfast out Picnic and long walk in a nearby park

Visit a street fair in your community

Farmers’ or antique market on Saturday morning

Night of dinner and dancing Ballroom dancing lessons

Attend a play, musical, or performance Nature hike [/box]

2. Know how to communicate. Focus on each other when you’re talking. Use a friendly tone of voice and show special kindness and courtesy when you’re communicating. Which of the following strategies do you utilize when speaking with your mate?

[box] Refrain from interrupting.

Look at him when he’s talking.

Listen intently.

Respond with a verbal cue that you’re listening (like “I see,” “Uh-huh,” and others).

Use a friendly, quiet voice. [/box]

3. Take time to know everything about your mate. Do you know what your partner likes to do?

For example, do you know your partner’s favorite hobbies, authors, sports activities, favorite colors, pet peeves, favorite musicians, and preferred television shows?

4. Be honest about your true feelings. This isn’t a license to blast him with the truth. But emotional dishonesty ruins intimacy.

5. Learn to use body language to demonstrate your feelings to your mate. How you express yourself through body movements is known as “body language.” You can actually demonstrate to your partner how much you love them simply by how you conduct yourself physically.

Here are some gestures you can try to expand your repertoire and promote more physical closeness. Which ones come naturally to you and which ones will be new to you?

[box] Hold hands when you’re out in public.

Give your partner a back, neck, or shoulder rub.

Touch her arm while talking to her.

Give random hugs.

Lean toward him when he is speaking.

Stand close together when you’re out and about.

Put your arm around her shoulders.[/box]

6. Lastly, plan special times together. When you make room in your schedules for special activities, it shows how much you mean to each other. Celebrations of milestones and holidays that hold special meaning provide the perfect opportunities to ramp up the romance.


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