Don't Let Stress Define Your Day
Don’t Let Stress Define Your Day

Stress. This one word conjures up visions of tense neck muscles, throbbing headaches, and sleepless nights flip flopping from one side of the bed to the other, all night long. Add short tempers, frustration, and a dose of depression and you have a potent cocktail guaranteed to negatively impact your life.

Causes of Stress

The reasons for stress run from one end of the spectrum to the other with stops in the middle, along the way. One of the major reasons for stress is balancing work and family life. This can range from being the sole provider for the family, a single parent coping with work and financial pressures, or busy moms emotionally drained after a day at the office.

Whatever your lifestyle, trying to balance multiple responsibilities can, and does, take a toll leaving the door wide open for stress to walk into your life. This short list is a sampling of situations that may flip the stress lever to “on.”.

  • Attempting to balance everything a routine day puts in front of you such as work, after school projects, and everyday home maintenance. This juggling act is one of the most difficult to achieve and remain stress-free.
  • Stress from work related issues can be caused by many things such as working a non-traditional schedule, a new promotion, extra responsibilities, or dealing with a negative work environment.
  • Relying on the pressure of stress to push you to finish a project or spark productivity is being “addicted to stress.”
  • Anger and tense feelings outweigh positive emotions.

Stress Relievers

Sometimes, talking to a neutral party will help get you back on track. At Marks Psychiatry, it’s easy and convenient to schedule an appointment for consultation.

During your consultation, Dr. Tracey Marks can evaluate your situation and discuss the best ways to address stress issues. A variety of options are available that include:

  • recommended lifestyle changes
  • better lifestyle management
  • tips for blending work and home responsibilities
  • self-help courses
  • prescribed medication
  • supporting better eating habits and healthier foods

Whatever method you need to incorporate into your life to eliminate stress issues, once you arrive at the source of the problem and release it, you’ll be free to move forward with the necessary tools for a healthier attitude.

Contact my office to schedule an appointment at your convenience. Let’s get the ball rolling towards finding the right path to removing the stress from your life.

Dr. Tracey Marks
Dr. Tracey Marks

Helping busy people achieve their best through effective lifestyle choices that improve their personal and professional lives.


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