A beach scene

Despite, the numerous benefits of meditation, it is not easy for everyone focus their attention long enough to achieve a state of quiet restfulness. There are several ways to meditate. Visualizing a relaxing or pleasing scene is one method. The process of guided imagery involves placing yourself in the moment and imagining details of the scene. This is more than quickly picturing a Caribbean beach scene from television or your last vacation. This involves feeling the warm breeze on your skin, seeing the color of the blue water, hearing the birds chirping or some playing the steel drums.

This process can take some mental discipline, which is especially difficult if you are struggling with racing thoughts or learning to relax. Guided imagery also known as guided visualization, provides a framework from which to follow without having to create the scenes yourself. Guided imagery recordings are easily accessible and can allow you to sit back and relax, while the narrator walks you through a pleasing experience. The narrator may also prompt you to pay attention to your breathing and your level of muscle tension while you put yourself in the moment.

Take a listen to this guided imagery.  Make sure you are in a position of being able to relax and not required to be alert.  The total time of the audio is 10 minutes.

Island Walk
The Beach Visualization


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