Are You Tired of Getting Looking Online for Sleep Help?

Have you kept your room cool and dark and you're still not sleeping?

Poor sleep leads to health problems, lost work productivity and it even impacts your relationships.

We have lots of robust interventions that have been scientifically studied but the problem is even many doctors don’t know how to teach them to you.

Even if they do, who has the time in a 10 minute appointment?

You can go to a therapist to learn the techniques, but that will take many weeks of sessions which means lots of money.


You Finally Have a Way to Get Proven Solutions

Without The Expense of Many Therapy Sessions

AND Without Having to Take Medication

Introducing Master Your Sleep

by Tracey Marks, MD

For the first time, you can get a self-help, self-paced video training on how to fix your particular sleep problem.

You will learn about the reasons you don’t sleep and exactly what to do about it.

You'll walk you through the details of how to implement different behavioral, relaxation and cognitive therapies.

You’ll get guided mediations that you can practice on your lunch hour to decompress your day.

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Here's Exactly What You Will Get

Module One - Facts About Sleep

I will cover facts about sleep. This is to help you understand the basics of sleep. Understanding sleep and some of the reasons you don’t sleep will help guide what interventions you use to correct your sleeping problem.

In this section you will learn:

How much sleep you need for your age

The different stages of sleep

What happens when you dream and what do your dreams mean?

How your body clock controls your sleep

How sleep inertia can affect your perception of your sleep.


Module Two - What Happens If I Don't Sleep?

We will discuss the problems that arise from not getting enough sleep. This is useful because you may find some of your problems either physical or emotional were connected to your sleep and you never knew it. If you correct your sleeping problem, then you may eliminate the other problem. We will discuss:

  • How sleep deprivation affects your thinking
  • Various health problems that arise from poor sleep such as diabetes and worsening ADHD
  • Work -related accidents

Module Three - Why Can't You Sleep?

We will some of the common reasons people don’t sleep. Topics include:

  • Sleep Apnea and how to know if you may have it
  • Narcolepsy
  • Restless Legs disorder
  • Alcohol and medication
  • Caffeine and exactly how it works to keep you alert
  • Lifestyle interference

Module Four - Prescription Medications

In this section I will discuss in detail 19 different medications that can be used for sleep. This includes the popular drug Ambien.

I will discuss my own professional experience using these medications

You will know how to avoid sleep driving on sleeping pills

I will discuss a new class of medication not yet released to the public

Module Five - Natural Remedies

In this module you will learn about the over-the-counter medications used for sleep. These include:

  • Melatonin
  • Tryptophan
  • Kava
  • Chamomile
  • GABA
  • Valerian Root
  • L-Theanine
  • Antihistamines
  • Food options

Module Six - Behavior Therapy - Sleep Hygiene

The behaviors you engage in during the day and night dictate how well you will sleep. In this module we will discuss how to optimize your sleep using light, temperature and sound. We will also discuss naps and how they can hurt AND help.

The last lecture is a countdown to bedtime that summarizes what you can do hour by hour to get your best sleep.

Module Seven - Other Behavior Therapies

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends behavior therapies as long-term solution for sleep (over medication). In this module I will teach you these scientifcally proven methods.

Stimulus Control

Sleep Restriction

Paradoxical Intention


You will get a sleep diary and learn how to use it

Module Eight - Relaxation Therapy

This section is GOLD! I will show you exactly how to use relaxation for sleep as well as stress management. You will learn the following:

Thoracic and Deep Breathing

Guided Visualization

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Music Therapy and Brainwave Entrainment


If you don't want to count your breaths, you can watch a video on your mobile device that visually guides you through the breathing and keeps up with the time for you.

Module Nine - Light Therapy

This is a powerful intervention that very effectively shift the time your body sleeps. I will show you how to use light to become more of a morning person, to quickly reverse jet lag and shift your sleep times for shift work.

Module Ten - Sleep Environment

In this module I will give you suggestions on what to sleep in and what to sleep on. We will discuss wicking material and how it works. I will also discuss how to organize your room for optimal sleep.


Module Eleven - Cognitive Therapy

I will teach you the basics of cognitive therapy for sleep. These techniques can also be used to help anxiety.

You will get the worksheets for Intrusive Problem Solving and Inaccurate Assumptions and learn how to use them to address how you think.

Module Twelve - Solutions for Children

A sleepless child means sleepless parents. So in this module we will discuss the recommended interventions for children who don’t sleep well. These include:

Unmodified Extinction

Graduated Extinction

Positive Routine and Faded Bedtimes

Scheduled Awakenings

Here are the bonus downloads you get

You Also Get Handouts and Sleep Charts

Want to see some sample lectures?

From Module 3 - Alcohol and Medication

From Module 6 - Countdown to Bedtime

From Module 5 - Food and Sleep

Module 8 - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Get the entire video course now for $197  $98

50% off!

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