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Meditation in the Office

The Benefits of Meditation



Meditation is a mysterious concept to many, often associated with New Age and eastern religions. Perhaps these cultures utilize mediation more than others, but meditation itself is not a mystical process that requires changing your core beliefs. The benefits of meditation are too great to avoid it because of preconceived notions…more on Meditation

A beach scene

What is Guided Imagery?



Despite, the numerous benefits of meditation, it is not easy for everyone focus their attention long enough to achieve a state of quiet restfulness. There are several ways to meditate. Visualizing a relaxing or pleasing scene is one method. The process of guided imagery involves placing yourself in the moment and imagining details of the scene…more on Guided Imagery

Muscle flexing


Progressive Muscle Relaxation



Progressive muscle relaxation is a meditation technique used to reduce muscle tension. As we hunch over a computer or text on our smart phones we accumulate muscle tension over the course of the day. Often we are not aware of the individual tight muscles, but instead may feel physically fatigued at the end of the day despite a lack of physical exertion…more on Progressive Muscle Relaxation