5 Tips for Destressing Your Life

Stress. This one word conjures up visions of tense neck muscles, throbbing headaches, and sleepless nights flip flopping from one side of the bed to the other, all night long. Add short tempers, frustration, and a dose of depression and you have a potent cocktail guaranteed to negatively impact your life. Causes of Stress The…

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Got the Rainy Day Blues? Stop Checking Facebook!

April showers can give you the blues; but if you recently checked your Facebook page, your foul mood might not be weather related. Emotional spillover from social media interactions can have a surprisingly strong influence on your emotions. Checking your Facebook updates or wall posts first thing in the morning can color the rest of…

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Balancing Work and Family Life

“I’m stressed,”  “I feel anxious,” “I’m depressed,” “I’m burned out,” and “I’m overwhelmed” are all catch phrases we hear every day. Unfortunately, these phrases carry a lot of weight and cover a lot of territory when it comes to negative emotions. Are You a Juggler? On our résumé of life, the most important experience we…

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April Personal Finance Calendar

April Finance Calendar

April is the the financial accountability month.  The IRS requires you to pony up.  Aside from that, it’s also Stress Awareness Month.  As you prepare you taxes, take a personal inventory of your life stresses.  Start with your physical health.  Are you getting your necessary annual check ups and tests like mammogram, teeth cleanings, colonoscopy,…

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Is Work Stress Killing You?

Work stress is a problem for nearly two-thirds of American workers, but women seem to feel stress more intensely than men. Women consistently reported higher levels of stress, anxiety, frustration and tension at work than men, according to a recent national survey by the American Psychological Association. Inequities between the sexes continue to plague working…

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5 Ways Working Moms Can Get the Best Sleep Ever

Working Moms and Sleep

Sleep. Such a simple word. Unfortunately, if you’re a working mom, that word might not have much meaning for you these days. Odds are that you’re getting not only less sleep but lesser quality sleep than your better half. This lack of rest at night has effects that spill over to the day, making it…

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Tips for Improving Your Sleep Hygiene

It is not unusual for people to spend an occasional night tossing and turning. But if sleepless nights are becoming a regular occurrence, you may need to tweak your sleep hygiene. Many common sleep problems can be solved by modifying your bedtime behavior. Start with the suggestions below. If you continue to be bothered by…

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Longevity Tips from World’s Oldest Person: Sleep, Eat

Could the secret to long life be as simple as eating a healthy diet and getting eight hours of sleep every night? Yes, says Misao Okawa of Japan who recently celebrated her 116th birthday. Born in 1898, the world’s oldest person shared her tips for a long life with The Telegraph : “Eat and sleep…

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